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Vitamin D Antibodies


Over the years DIAsource ImmunoAssay has built extensive experience in Vitamin D immunoassay development and Vitamin D chemistry.

DIAsource ImmunoAssays offers all components to develop your own Vitamin D assay, through our Starter Kit. Based on your application, and together with our scientific experts, your Starter Kit will be built by selecting the best components from our list of proven materials. A typical Starter Kit is composed of:

  • One of several Monoclonal Antibodies
  • One antigen, functionalized according to your application
  • Sets of calibrators and controls
  • Displacement solution


Polyclonal antibodies, from sheep or rabbit, have been widely used from the 90s, in Immunoassays. While polyclonal antibodies are simple and inexpensive to produce, they usually lack specificity and suffer from batch to batch variability. Monoclonal antibody production require high skills and is more expensive. However, a careful selection process ensures a superior specificity profile. Moreover, state of the art production techniques ensure a constant and renewable source of antibodies and all batches are identical.

In 2009, DIAsource Immunoassays has patented Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies, based on a proprietary Vitamin D hapten, recognizing both 25OH Vitamin D3 and 25OH Vitamin D2. The patent was granted in Europe in 2013 and is still pending in the US. The patent covers any monoclonal antibody recognizing both 25OH Vitamin D3 and 25OH Vitamin D2. These monoclonal antibodies have been successfully used in commercial RIA (RadioImmunoAssay), ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay), CLIA (ChemiLuminescence ImmunoAssay) and POCT (Point Of Care Test), by DIAsource Immunoassays or by DIAsource partners.

More information on our Corporate website.


We have developed a specific collection of Vitamin D derivatives that go along with our monoclonal antibodies. Depending on your specific application, you may want to use our carboxylic acid, amine, biotin or BSA derivatives. These Vitamin D derivatives are produced by our highly skilled synthetic chemists in state of the art organic chemistry facilities.

Furthermore, we offer services tailored to your specific requirements.


Displacing 25OH Vitamin D from its binding proteins (VDBP) is always a big challenge in Vitamin assay development. DIAsource offers a unique displacement solution that features the All-in-One (AIO) technology. The novel and unique displacement solution displaces the 25OH Vit D from the binding proteins. The advantage of the technique is that it works at neutral pH so it can be used in the presence of the antibodies, which is not the case for the other known methods, most of them using acidic or alkaline pH.

DIAsources offers assay development services


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